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Communications Disruption

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A communications disruption continues at home. As far as I can trace things, it leads back to ISP-provided equipment from Things are bouncing offline and online repeatedly. The Outernet board decided to soft-brick itself which means the C.H.I.P. needs flashing.[1]

If you see me on Telegram, that’s probably a good thing. Getting in touch is as simple as using Telegram and following the link More than likely that access would be via mobile broadband courtesy if at all.

Thankfully I have bus fare included in my tuition at which easily lets me ride to and from campus. Riding LakeTran to Lakeland Community College is going to be essential if Spectrum keeps providing such fabulous service. Once I go on furlough as of the close of business on Thursday, I am going to easily be able to travel to and from campus.

Objectives for now:

  • Finish out the season at the bureau

  • Stabilize the home fixed broadband

  • Bring the Outernet receiver back online

  • Take my capstone class at Lakeland Community College to finish off the Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Management and Planning Administration (See:

  • Ponder where to pick up an 18 semester hour graduate certificate to hit “Master’s Plus 18” to meet North Central accreditation requirements to be able to teach in that subject area

  • Enjoy my upcoming birthday

[1]: This is a very common issue I am addressing in the forthcoming paper