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OSCON Has an anti-Open-Source keynote (again)

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Wow, OSCON EU has a keynote from a Ninh Bui and Hongli Lai from Phusion wherein they argue that (a) non-profit models of fundraising for Open Source will never work and should never be used (I have proven this wrong for decades of course), and (b) that "passive income" through proprietary software add-ons is the only revenue model that is reasonable, because you have to "work too hard" to do other models. They further claim that people who have a problem with "Open Core" proprietary add-ons are a vocal minority that won't cause you too much trouble.

TL;DR: "Proprietary software can make you wealthy so you don't have to work hard, so you should do that, and try to exploit your Open Source community. Those software freedom advocates are a minority so shout them down and they'll shut up, becuase you should be allowed to get wealthy, no matter what you have to do"

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For clarity, this is likely a purchased keynote? I know that O'Reilly and OSCON themselves believe "you should be allowed to get wealthy, no matter what you have to do" to some extent, per the fact that they *sell* keynotes and talks which can then bypass all normal curation and acceptance procedures…

Aaron Wolf at 2015-10-27T19:09:25Z