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ORA has asked me to sign a CLA for my participation in a panel at OSCON 2014, where I took a position against CLAs. They claim to "not know" about the multi-year agreement I signed with ORA back in 2000 for presentations at their conferences (which granted them rights under the FDL).

I've offered them back CC-By-SA-4.0 in a heavily edited version of their agreement. I suspect they'll reject this, but the story is ongoing. I'll make a full blog post when the story ends.

BTW, the official document editor for OSCON 2014? Not LibreOffice: it's Microsoft Word. (obviously I imported it into LibreOffice and sent them a track-changes version)

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No new news on this. The ORA lawyer said my "changed version is under review".

I suspect that means legal told conference planning team to jettison the video and give up.

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2014-09-19T20:28:31Z

I asked the organizers if they could support Inkscape and SVG logo submissions in addition to Adobe Illustrator and AI (Adobe Photoshop and Freehand were also listed as supported). Hopefully the instructions will be updated for 2015.

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