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People are so nice here in Portland, OR, that I am now actually worried I might lose my edge. More than one person has joked that my growing less suspicious nature and friendliness is going to cause me to not require full compliance for GPL violators. (No, that won't happen, just a joke :)

Here's an example: the moving truck delivery with all my stuff on it still hasn't arrived, and I don't know what day it will come. I am trying to block off the parking spots in front of my building for the truck, but don't know the day. The dude in parking enforcement for the city of Portland, empathized with me, telling me that he faced the same thing with his move, and is expediting my application, looking up on real time while on the phone if the spaces were availble for reserve, and allowing me to adjust later to the right date.

Granted, I have to give the city of Portland $70 for this, but in NYC, I'd still be trying to figure out what agency has jurisdiction on such things, and they'd be telling me you "just can't reserve space".

Indeed, for the pickup, the truck just sat illegally and they told us we'd have to pay a ticket if they got it.

I may write more on this later, but the best and quickest way I can describe NYC is that a citizen there is constant and contentious competition for everything: from space to stand in aisle in grocery stores (yes, that's a thing, most of the aisle aren't wide enough for two people to stand abreast), to city resources, to apartments, to space to stand on the subway, to just about everything in daily life. I felt in NYC that daily life was a constant struggle. And that's how someone with middle class means feels: think of how it feels to be truly poor (not relatively poor due to rising rents) in NYC!

Anyway, I have to say I'm glad to be out! I keep joking that I now don't know if I can "make it anywhere" (referencing the Sinatra song, New York, New York), but I actually believe that NYC is the one place I can't "make it". Ok, maybe San Francisco too, but I can't stand being pitched start-up ideas in line at a coffee shop, anyway, so no chance I want to live there.

A few of you got in touch who are local. I must admit, I'm losing track of how many Free Software people live here. I'm going to have to make a list.

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Yup! And by the way: we do need a more focused software-freedom organization effort here. There was a start with something called LibrePDX but that didn't get enough foundation to really get going. I know a decent number of the local folks, but there's mostly tangential tech/Linux groups and no real organization or list dedicated to libre-focus at this time. Whatever happens, whether you're active in organizing or not, I'll want to hear about it… and happy to do what I can to help (athough I'm always feeling overly busy already as is normal…)

Aaron Wolf at 2015-03-09T23:26:57Z

Now I want to move there

veleiro at 2015-03-10T03:02:35Z

I have never heard anyone pitching startup ideas in line in a coffee shop in SF or nearby. But I would enjoy that. Apparently the bay area has nowhere near the concentration of startups necessary for my maximum enjoyment. Onward!

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-03-10T04:48:49Z

Regarding grocery store aisles, I assume you're talking about the ones that are in the supermarket genre (as opposed to what I tend to call a "deli"). Narrow-aisle grocery store aisles I associate with Manhattan, though perhaps you encountered them elsewhere. I recall finding them annoying. It's been a long time since I was in a supermarket in Brooklyn or Queens but the ones I remember from living there (i.e. till I was approximately 15 in Brooklyn, 24 in Queens) were more like their spacious suburban siblings, though no doubt smaller. I am not even sure supermarket-genre grocery stores were common in Manhattan before the 1990s (Manhattan underwent a kind of suburban transformation corresponding approximately to the Giuliani administration).

Richard Fontana at 2015-03-10T05:15:13Z