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Where can I get a $3 website?

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Trump says that it only costs $3 to build a website:

I'd definitely get redesigned for me if it would only cost $3. I'd send Trump an email to ask him where to get these $3 websites if I didn't know for sure he's lying.

Even if you outsource to the developing world, I don't think you can get a website for $3. The bandwidth costs more than that per month if you even get a few hits.

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Your embedded video has injected itself into every post below it on my feed.  Weird bug.

Benjamin Cook at 2016-11-24T12:34:59Z

Ooops. Yep, I also see the bug.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-11-24T16:52:44Z

At least it didn't continue further down the forever page.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-11-24T16:53:29Z If you auto build thousands with the same misinformation that might be all it costs per site

der.hans at 2016-11-25T16:27:20Z

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