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One of the reasons I suspect I prefer hanging around Free Software people is that the level of general competence in our community is substantially higher than average.

I've found every single vendor for small non-profit business services (payroll, health insurance, etc.) is utterly and completely incompetent. (e.g., regularly attaching the detail record details for one employee to another's account).

I feel like a modern-day Diogenes, carrying my lantern, searching the world for a competent person and finding none.

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Except when the subject matter is databases… MySQL has reinforced an unfortunate philistine trend where people think the (quite simple) relational theory does not matter.

One of the reasons why every few years there is a new fad in databases, only to be subsumed by a new generation of issues due to the lack of understanding of practitioners of these fads, which all more or less look back to prerrelational mindsets.

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