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Historic Party Conventions

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I've had the radio on every night while doing Conservancy work to listen to both the RNC and DNC coverage the last two weeks.

I'm voting for Jill Stein (of course what did you all expect). But, I know she won't win; I'm voting as I always do to seek a 5% on the Green Party so they get federal matching funds in the next cycle. I hope you'll do the same. (If you are one of the many libertarian-leaning folks in the FLOSS community, there's a Libertarian candidate running, which is probably a better choice than the major parites, too).

But, I follow politics closely enough to know that this is an historic election, just like Obama's first term was. Either we're going to have the first black president followed by the first female president in USA history, which I'm sure I'll get asked about in my old age by young people, or, we'll have the first black president followed by a backlash where a sexist and (seemingly) racist candidate was elected.

As always, I'm betting on the the election. A few of you won from me because I took the field against {Trump, Cruz} for the Republician nomination. Well, if you all want action again, I'm offering to bet Clinton against Trump at even money.

Update: I'm willing to offer better odds: I'll take either side of 1.5-to-1 for Trump-to-Clinton (i.e., Trump side of bet pays $1.50 to every $1 the Clinton side of the bet pays)

I'm still making up for the huge loss I took offering 1.1-to-1 for Kerry against Bush, so I'm skiddish about offering better odds than even money, but email me if you wanna make offers.

I also am not making the odds I want to offer to take Trump against Clinton, so email me if you want to bet Clinton against me.

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I may have previously lived in Las Vegas. With as screwy as this election has been so bet.

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