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I wanna see you be brave?

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I've been meaning to mention that I find it insidious the idea that Microsoft uses "Honestly, I wanna see you be brave" (from Bareilles' song Brave). It is reminiscent of the Apple/Microsoft wars of old.

Of course, the brave thing in software choices is standing up and saying you're going to avoid all proprietary software. I've been ridiculed not only by Apple users, but even by "Open Source" types for that. :)

Hey, I'm brave because I bought a product from Company A instead of Company B? Great marketing, but impossible that it's true.

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There is only one dimension of software on which one can be brave, *the* brave thing?

It is *impossible* for the choice of proprietary software A to be brave vs choice of proprietary software B?

If software has any dimensions other than free vs. proprietary, surely there must be some in which some situations calls for making a brave choice, in which A is better than B, but say the one higher ups take B for granted. (For the same reason, there must be situations calling for brave choices among free software which have nothing to do with freedom nor licenses.)

I have no idea what Microsoft is advertising nor do I think I know that song, probably don't want to know either. It is the categorical statements in your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs I find troubling.

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-04-17T02:15:02Z

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Categorical statements aside, it's take a hell of a lot to make a Team Microsoft vs Team Apple vs Team Google type pissing match have anything to do with bravery. Sure, I could imagine several situations in which company A could be a brave choice over company B, but that kind of choice is prima facie not a matter of bravery -- there's a big onus of proof that such a choice would have anything to do with bravery...

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of course they never mention that other option that sometimes exists.. write something to do it myself!

michaelmd at 2014-04-17T02:25:45Z

Awoke with a more productive reaction, maybe: what is the most "great [emotive] marketing" from a FLOSS project or organization, accurate or not, insidious or not, etc? How could there be more?

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