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Groupon Tries Take GNOME's Name

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For reference here is the USPTO search engine and GNOME(.org) result

Jon Nordby at 2014-11-11T17:49:36Z

trademark laws were broken right from the start...

I saw a Gnome desktop in the mid 90s (in fact it was the first desktop linux GUI I ever saw!) and it would have been around even longer (from what I remember it had already a decent gui and easy to use - that would not have been built overnight!)

pretty much anyone who has ever used a linix desktop kinows of it even if they are using a differentr gui, (millions of people!)

How a company like that could claim not to have heard of it really is inconceivable!

as is the very idea of someone being able to BUY a means to prevent a words from being used in a context where so many people have used it for so long!!!

michaelmd at 2014-11-12T07:28:12Z