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More Horrors of the USA Healthcare system.

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In the USA, health insurance companies require that you use facility that is "in plan", lest you pay exorbitant co-pays and meet large deductibles. So, for urgent care last night, I was trying to look up whether or not the emergency care facility is "in plan" or not.

Here's what the website says if you click on any link from the front page:

 Internal Server Error

 The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

 Please contact the server administrator, you@your.address and inform them of the time the
 error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

 More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

 IBM_HTTP_Server/ Apache/2.0.47 (Unix) DAV/2 Server at Port 80

Not only have they broken everything on their website, they didn't even bother to configure Apache. (No, I didn't bother to send an email to you@your.address).

The problem was system-wide. I attempt to call the phone number to use the on-phone lookup. Once you DTMF and bad voice recognition your way through the IVR, it says:

[Automated Computer-Generated voice saying]: There seems to be a technical problem. Just a second while I connect you with someone who can help. [LONG PAUSE] [Prerecorded human saying]: Our offices are now closed. Please call back during our normal business hours.

We eventually called our primary care doctor who gave a prescription to the pharmacy instead.

But, what if we'd been bleeding to death? Decide: get medical care you maybe can't afford later, or die.

Europeans, please do go ahead and laugh at this. Our country of people who make "corporations into people" deserves what we get. Our corporations have better health care than we do.

And, don't forget again: I have one of the most expensive plans one can buy in the state of New York!

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Don't get me started about our (USA) health system. Yes Obamacare is a step forward... But consider the delta in transparency, for example, expected of a 501(c)3 non-profit vs. that of the "health insurance industry" -- both supposedly advancing the public "good".

Tom Marble at 2014-12-29T00:59:22Z

I pay cost for medication so it has been a long, long time since I've known what a prescription co-pay looked like. When Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan would cost 50% of my paycheck due to "Community Rating" turning out horribly relative to where I live, that counts as unaffordable. Since FEHBP is indexed to the Exchanges, it isn't like there is anything cheaper there either.

Much of our medical system on the financial back-end of it is a bit of a mess...

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2014-12-29T16:07:51Z

Despite all the violence you see on TV, the thing that scares me the most visiting the USA, is what would happen if I had a medical problem while being over there. I know our politicians (here in Finland) are doing their best to destroy our current system, but so far it's still pretty OK. We've had a few medical semi-emergencies recently, and not for second did we consider financial issues.

Once I had to stay a few days in the hospital, and they sent a bill afterwards. Something like 30€ per day. If I would have been unable to pay it, I could have taken the bill to social services (not sure if that's the correct English term).

sazius at 2014-12-29T16:18:48Z

Las corporaciones, sean de la naturaleza que sea, son enemigas de la sociedad, hacen plata con la vida de las personas, o matando a las personas, les da igual.

juancuyo at 2014-12-30T01:25:21Z