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I really like cashews. They're expensive, so I typically just buy the "cashew pieces" rather than the whole cashews since I figure it tastes the same, right?

Well, I happened to get a bag of the whole cashews and I'm eating them now. I'm now left trying to figure out if they taste exotic and fancy because it's a splurge and I mearly perceive them as tasting better, but they really taste the same.

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I also find the whole, salted cashews taste better. And are way more expensive than peanuts.

My wife and I came to a compromise and we buy ice-cream instead.

Efraim Flashner at 2016-01-15T04:42:06Z

Whole cashews (I eat roasted unsalted ones) taste better to me (though I don't notice a difference between the regular ones and 'jumbo').
I figure that the pieces have had more exposure to air and lost some of their flavor that way.

Michael R. Bernstein at 2016-01-15T20:13:25Z