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I'm here at DebConf and I just met someone who follows me here on at DebConf. I'm really glad to know there are other people than the "usual suspects" :) following me here. is not perfect, or even, um, all that easy to use, but I'm glad there are people that are committed to free as in freedom social networking systems.

And, as another note, a lot of people have said really kind and friendly things to me here at DebConf about my work. This is a very unstressful conference for me: so many people like what I do here. *Such* a difference between the trade association conferences where everyone walking around things I'm that "infamous GPL enforcement guy". Here at DebConf, I appear to be the "famous and often-thanked GPL enforcement guy".

As I said in my keynote here, I truly love the people in the Debian project.

Speaking of which, here's a link to my keynote video:

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Famous and not-thanked-enough GPL enforcement guy, I'd say!

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