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Unicode "dirt speck" character set?

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With the advent of and Emacs' full support for Unicode, now, more than ever I must keep my LCD displays very clean.

I just hit CTRL-D four times on the same spot on my screen attempting to delete something that looked like this:◦ or some other tiny mark.

In the old days of 7 bit ASCII, a dirt spot had to be as noticable as a '.' to cause this problem. I look now carefully and I literally have at least two ◦-looking dirt specks on my main LCD, and looking carefully I found one that looks like


What a strange world we live in thanks to Unicode. And I say that having never even used an emoji.

(BTW, I will watch: just so I can understand what the kids are talking about. Which I learned about from here:

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As long as you don't have U+1F4A9 on your monior, it can't be that bad.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-05T02:07:52Z