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The Manipulation Tactics of GPL violators

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Ugh, I had a tightly scheduled day of urgent Conservancy work to finish before I leave for DebConf tomorrow, and a GPL violator decided to start playing head games with me this morning. It's already burned an hour of my time today and will likely burn more. Which, at this point, simply translates into less sleep for me, the night before a 18 hr travel day en route to DebConf.

People rightly point out that I'm often indigant about GPL violators, but it's because they (and their allies who oppose GPL enforcement) *know* that the only orgs that enforce the GPL are tiny compared to them, and squeezing the individuals to the breaking point of overwork is a viable strategy to end GPL enforcement. It's the classic lawyer strategy of "waste your opponents' time when you have more resources than they do"

I've survived because I simply refuse to break. I hope it continues to work. But many, I wish I could sleep on planes. It's those kinds of things I think at a time like this: I have to become an UberMensch merely to get my job done, and be able to do everything, including sleeping in on a coach flight like I'm in my own bed. If you see me at DebConf Friday morning, at least you'll know why I'm about to collapse. :)

Anyway, back to work!

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Why be indignant at the execution of a classic strategy? They are your opponents after all. You are a very limited resource, even if you were somehow dedicated 24hrs/day to GPL enforcement. Why have they not dedicated a bit more of their vast resources to occupying your limited resources? Do they just not find GPL enforcement a very important threat? That's what I'd be indignant about.

Your classic strategy of refusing to break coupled with (elsewhere) dismal prediction of a dark age brings to mind that folk tale and song about a steel-driving man.

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-08-12T21:44:40Z

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So, do I apply to that SFLC gig to be your assistant or is that structurally separate from aiding you in SFC? $AGENCY has given me a Release To Furlough date.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2015-08-13T00:13:26Z

hey, let's look at the good part: if anything, this will make it *easier* for you to sleep on the plane ;-)

Stefano Zacchiroli at 2015-08-13T07:17:53Z

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Mike Linksvayer has a really good point.

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2015-08-22T23:56:05Z