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Form 990 in the news

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Every once in a while, a Form 990 is in the news.

Today, they're talking about FY 2015 Donald J Trump Foundation one. Yet, I can't find an actual copy of it.

BTW, I am not sure where the phrase 'self-dealing' comes from. The IRS forms talk about payments to disqualified person.

(And, if you were wondering, I'm a disqualified person for Conservancy, usually any director or officer is).

I noticed the phrase self-dealing is used more often for private foundations, like Trump's, which file a 990-PF rather than a usual 990.

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Did you apply at to head up an agency? It doesn't matter if you're not a Republican as a certain number of slots must be held by people outside the President's party. Heck, apply for a slot at the FCC. Be advised that as I hold a career slot I'm stuck where I am for the moment.

As to grabbing the 990, it can sometimes be dislodged by sending a Form 4506-A to the IRS who can turn over a "Modernized e-File" print:

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