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I have always loved the sound of disk I/O. I'm listening to the Conservancy backups run now. That bursty crunch is like music.

Has anyone compiled sounds of how hard drive I/O noise changed over the decades? I am wondering what made that high-pitched note in the middle of the crunch that went away sometime in the mid 1990s.

And, this may be a lost sound, like modem noise. At least for the moment magnetic disks are still cheaper than solid state, though. :)

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what about the sound of floppy drives? .. haven't heard that for a while!

more of a worry is finding one that still works of you want to get a file from an old floppy!

michaelmd at 2015-05-06T03:29:45Z

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I like how the Amiga500 emulator UAE makes use of that and plays back a recording of an actual Amiga loading from disk

mray INACTIVE at 2015-05-06T10:24:18Z

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tried to set that up years ago .. but I think it needed a rom image to work ... didn't find anywhere to get that (guessing maybe a real amiga but don't have one)

michaelmd at 2015-05-08T05:44:24Z probably not your intention, but this gives me a fun idea for some electronic music I've been kicking around

x1101 at 2015-05-08T16:44:47Z