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I thought advertising was supposed to be targeted at men 18-25. Yet, I see a lot of advertising lately that seems targeted to the 35-55 range. Skeletor selling cars, Salt-N-Pepa selling insurance. It seems all the pop culture stuff that I would know seeks to manipulate me into buying stuff.

Also if this doesn't convince you that Twitter is merely a mechanism to push advertising at you, I don't know what will.

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>> Charles Stanhope:

“The two examples you cite are probably targetted correctly. The 18-25 group probably isn't buying many new cars. I don't know what sort of insurance Salt-N-Pepa is selling, but that also sounds like something old people think about. ;)”

I saw that insurance commercial. It was freaky. I flipped the TV over to C-SPAN in response.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2014-12-12T04:28:22Z

Bradley M. Kuhn, Charles Stanhope likes this.

the song of theirs in question "push it" has been popular in commercials of late, it was also used in a chef boyardee (sp?) commercial aimed at children, incidentally, I didn't know that was a salt n peppa song until the geico commercial

David "Judah's Shadow" Blue at 2014-12-12T13:33:23Z

Maybe they've noticed that people in the 35-55 range typically have more money to spend than those in the 18-25 range. Or they've already bled them dry, and are now moving on to the next victim.

sazius at 2014-12-12T13:41:19Z you advertise to the people who can/might buy your crap.

x1101 at 2014-12-12T14:40:28Z