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I guess I'm glad it doesn't say Fredo?

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As phone geeks know, old-school PSTN (which we used to call POTS :) has caller-id with name, but the name field was limited to 15 characters.

My mobile phone is in the name of my employer, Software Freedom Conservancy, not me personally. As such, I'm constantly reminded by people who have standard caller-id with name phones that my caller-id info comes through with:


I'm somewhat inclined to ask my mobile provider to drop the space, so it would be "SOFTWAREFREEDOM".

It got me thinking that it would be really cool if it was typoed and said "Software Frodo". I kinda feel like a software industry version of Frodo much of the time. Although I don't know what the ring is in this analogy.

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hey, you know the GNU Linux-libre mascot, the light blue penguin fresh out of the shower, is called Freedo, right?  I'd be honored to have such a caller id ;-)  the only way to beat that would be to have a gnu in there somewhere!

Alexandre Oliva at 2016-04-29T20:51:05Z

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"SoftwareFreedom" is calling... :)

Jason Self at 2016-04-29T21:36:35Z

Matt Molyneaux, Stephen Michael Kellat likes this. the ring might be proprietary software (or proprietary software licenses). Tempting people to use, causing insanity in those that cloak themselves with it. Once someone is under its spell it is difficult to break them of it despite how much peace freedom would give them.

Kevin Everets at 2016-04-29T21:44:07Z

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Alexandre, I *forgot* that the Linux Libre mascot was called Freedo. This is great! I am glad to have that caller ID now. :)

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2016-04-30T23:41:08Z

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