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Project aimed at producing a Role Playing Game interpreter and editor tool for playing and creating click and play games like RPG Maker.

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    EasyRPG Player 0.3 “Slime”

    We are happy to announce the next major EasyRPG Player release. We want to thank all our developers for the huge amounts of time they invested in improving the Player. The new release is called “slime” everyones favourite enemy. But what is the 2nd most popular enemy? You will see when 0.3.1 comes out.

    Official RPG Maker 2003 release

    Before we write about the new features we have an annoucement to make. It was a really unexpected news for all of us: An official English version of RPG Maker 2003 was released. Instead of using an illegal fan translation you can buy a legal version now. This is basicly your only option because our own editor is still far away from being in a usable state. (No we were never in contact with Enterbrain and are not payed for this statement). We read that the sourcecode got lost. Therefore they have to use binary patches. This means the risk that gigantic new features are provided is reduced – Which is good for us. The new English RTP is automatically detected by the Player (#412), games made with the new version will work as good as the old ones.

    New features

    Now back to the new major release. It brings many important features, some of them were completely missing before, these are:


    Vehicles (#219) was one of most important missing feature, breaking many games depending on them. A well known game broken directly at the beginning by this was Don Miguels Sample Game, you can now cross the lake together with Marcus! The implementation includes boarding/unboarding, vehicle teleport, on board music change, save and load position support, airship terrain based landing check and system graphics based airship shadow (#434, #436, #441). Don crossing the sea
    Don crossing the sea

    Map loop

    Another important feature implemented is the endless scroll map, vertical, horizontal or both. This was required by some games to work properly and some of them didn’t work without this at all. The implementation includes support of special movements, like jumping between loop edges, and takes care of event picture, panorama and camera movement. This change makes the dreams in Yume Nikki finally completely enjoyable. (#455, #457)

    Battle improvements

    The battle system is one of the most complex and most commonly used parts of RPG Maker. We added further additions to our implementation, including: Items dropped by defeated enemies are now added to the party’s inventory (#398) and multi-use items are really multi-use now (#420). Some skills crashed the game when used (#405). When a timer reaches 0:00 the battle ends now. This is a strange behaviour because there is no way to call a timer based event in battle. But that’s the RPG2k way. The event interpreter got some bug fixes: The command “End battle” is now supported (#393) and weather/tone effects are visible now on-screen (#396). The condition checks “Monster/Hero can act” and “enemy hp” were broken (#367) We also fixed a deadlock that sometimes occured in the RPG2k3 battle system. (#474)


    As you know RPG Maker uses a binary format and we try to figure out the fields to improve compatibility. Our main problem is still the save file because we are the only ones who try to figure out the format. We don’t provide our own format but are compatible with the original RPG Maker savefiles. There were many new fields discovered, some statistic: In 0.2.2 release we had 1103 chunks in all binary formats (LDB, LMU, …) of which 81 were unknown (92.66% known). Now with 0.3 new chunks were discovered resulting in a total of 1122, of which 31 are unknown (97.24% known). Yes, 19 new chunks were discovered, it’s possible that we discover even more. (#128, #132 and #133)
    • A nasty bug preventing parallel events from continuing after loading got resolved. (#474)
    • Fix savegame corruption for Russian games when encoding was specified in RPG_RT.ini file (#139)


    If you checked the PlayStore the last weeks you probably noticed that we made some updates to the Player. Thanks to a new developer (BlisterBoy) the Android version got significant improvements. He added support for the long-awaited button mapping, now you can enjoy all RPG Maker 2000/2003 because all buttons are available on the screen if you want. (#443) Besides these there were some minor improvments:
    • Accessing the settings for changing encoding crashed the program when the INI file was missing (#435)
    • Support for Joysticks (#392)
    • German and French translation (#412)
    Further extensions like support for different game directories and game/engine dependend will come later because our Android developer is currently busy with real life.

    Run in the Web

    As already mentioned in an earlier blog post EasyRPG Player runs now inside your web browser. This port was further improved and supports now asynchronous loading of assets. That means not the whole game is downloaded during start up which significantly improves the loading times. All images and music is downloaded on demand and map files are downloaded while the transition plays. Save files are locally stored, they are lost when you clear the local storage of your browser (#389, #417, #425 and #462). How about playing a round of Ib? More games will come! We can also help you in releasing your own RPG Maker games to the web. Just contact us! You will need an up-to-date browser. Firefox runs the games a bit better then Chrome. This could change when new versions of the web browser are released.


    Now about other fixes that don’t fit anywhere else: The most funny one is probably a Polish fan translation of RPG Maker that translated a bit too much. The “stop music” event specified by file name “(OFF)” was translated as “(Brak)”. The Player accepts now both strings. (#391)
    • Frame skipping is now more smooth (FPS stay constant). Before frameskip was speeding up and slowing down the game which felt strange (#287)
    • PNG transparency was incorrectly applied in some cases. (#358, #430)
    This is me reading the libpng docs
    This is us reading the libpng docs
      • Referencing a variable indirectly via another variable wasn’t working correctly (#387)
      • Transparent textshadow color in Wadanohara fixed. (#394)
      • Common events were reset during map change. In Vampires Dawn this resulted in recasting of transformations after each map change (#402)
      • Switch items (e.g. save stones in VD) were not consumed. Same for skills of type switch. (#403, #404)
      • Timers are now visible on screen (#406)
      • Support for ThisEvent in CommonEvent (references callee of CommonEvent instead of crashing) (#412)
      • RPG2k VALUE (a newer version of RPG2k) uses a different way to encode the Key Input Event (“Enter password” in Don’s translation).  (#424)
      • Rendering of some sprites/tiles was off-by-one pixel (#428)
      • MoveForward moves now always correctly, map passability fixes and animation speeds more consistent with RPG_RT (#451)
      • Too many games relied on RPG Maker ignoring access to switch/variable 0, which is an invalid index. EasyRPG doesn’t warn about this access on-screen anymore. (#458)
      • 32 new chinese characters and Wong sign added to built in shinonome font (#464)
      • Bush depth (Character bottom becomes transparent over bush tiles) implemented (#468)
      • KeyInput command was improved. The game NASU (included with YumeNikki) is now playable! (#469)


    Most changes in our lcf parsing library were support for new chunks mentioned earlier under “Saves”.
    • We fixed a bug in the number parsing code that broke a few games (because the database failed to parse) (#128)

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  • 2015-02-22T01:51:34Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    HTML5 Player port

    Some months ago we wrote a post for the April Fools’ Day called HTML5 port plans which was announcing a planned web based EasyRPG Player port.

    Because of this date it could be a fake, however some details were really planned about making this real. Using the Emscripten compiler, Player C++ code can be converted to JavaScript code and run in modern web browsers with a faster computer.

    This effort could be considered too early to be done, however it is pretty useful, for example, for checking the result online along with the Test Game for fast testing without needing to download Player, game and RTP if not installed in the current machine.

    The new port will require a fast machine with a modern browser. Mozilla Firefox (newest version) is recommended, as it is faster than other browsers when running it. Processor requirements are currently high, a +2GHz multi core processor is suggested.

    Audio and transitions are currently disabled, as they were problematic to make it work without spending extra time resolving it. Some graphics are missing (highly noticeable in battle) because we don’t have replacements for most of the RTP. Saving works but you lose your progress when reloading the page, rendering this useless. ESC maps to “Disable fullscreen” in the browser, use X instead to toggle the menu. But even with this flaws it’s still a nice proof of concept.

    You are invited to try TestGame running in your browser, feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in post comments. Imagine when the javascript port becomes more matured you can run RPG maker games directly from your website, how cool is that?
  • EasyRPG Player 0.2.2 released

    2014-11-29T02:59:59Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers


    • Shop: Fixed shop's invalid item bug and refresh sell window when opening it (Regression) (#305)
    • Bitmaps: Fixed sprite flashing (Regression) (#300)
    • Pictures: Fixed bitmap rotation (position and initial angle) (#310)
    • Inn: Implemented rest (fade out and fade in) in the inn (#313)
    • Font: Added full Hangul support (#336)
    • Font: Added 125 Traditional Chinese characters (#359)
    • Maps: Implemented Save (Allow/Forbid/As in parent) map property (#293)
    • Maps: Improved tile animation speed (#306)
    • Maps: Regenerate autotiles cache after a new chipset is setup (#313)
    • Messages: Fixed message flags clearing (#313)
    • Messages: Show gold window during inn prompt, skip prompt if price is 0 (#313)
    • Messages: Implemented closing windows animation (#313)
    • Messages: Fixed face not cleared after the event execution ends (#340)
    • Messages: Fixed font color when changing game system graphics (#345)
    • Battle: Added fatigue trigger, fixed hp trigger and cleaned battle_calling to make battle interpreter work (#326)
    • Battle: Fixed the acquisition of battle backgrounds (#304)
    • Events: Improve animation speed (#235)
    • Events: Fix hero facing when triggered (#235)
    • Events: Use the prelock direction for spinning animation like in RPGM (#235)
    • Events: Use middle frame pattern when changing a character's graphic (#235)
    • Events: Update self movements when GetContinueEvents is true and reset move_route_repeated flag when a new move route is forced (#280)
    • Events: Update interpreter after each autostarting event is set up (#280)
    • Events: Stop event processing during transitions (#313)
    • Events: Prevent destruction of parallel interpreters when map is refreshed and that interpreter is currently running (#325)
    • Events: Fix delayed deallocation when there are multiple parallel interpreters (#327)
    • Events: Use the through-bool only for Through mode in movement events (#321)
    • Events: Implement "Transparent" flag for Events (#302)
    • Events: Implement bush depth for character sprites and fix screen center (#326, #361)
    • Menus: Fixed segfault when item ID > max ID in Equip menu (#337)
    • Menus: Don't play menu sound on cancel if menu access is not allowed (#289)
    • Menus: Always draw equipment stats (even when 'empty' item is chosen) (#329)
    • Input: Add Keypad 0 as Cancel button (#301)
    • Audio: MIDI support in OpenAL backend (#308)
    • Performance: Avoid recursive folder mapping when not needed (#326)
    • Building: Build SDL and SDL_mixer from Hg for Windows and Android to fix audio and wave issues (#353)
    • Building: Add code documentation generation option (Doxygen) to Autotools build (#323)
  • EasyRPG Player 0.2.1 released

    2014-07-03T16:05:49Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers


    • Movements: implement locking of pictures to the map position #44
    • Movements: face to hero when triggering, implement spinning rotation and movement with fixed orientation #253
    • Movements: fix passability between events of the same layer #259
    • Movements: fix HaltAllMovement with repeating move routes #259
    • Movements: improve jumping, allow to jump in the same tile #259
    • Movements: block player movements when a window message is shown #259
    • Movements: don't cancel forced move routes when a new page is set up #259
    • Events: fix events execution when placed on upper layer (above hero) #264
    • Events: fix priority when calling replace tile command #142
    • Events: fix incorrect termination of parallel processes #255
    • Events: fix passability of upper layer characters over the hero #265
    • Events: fix parallel events bug not clearing command list when leaving the map #267
    • Events: fix counters (tiles with "counter" flag to talk over a table) #274
    • Images: fix BMP images loading #248
    • Images: allow to load image files with incorrect extension #163
    • Images: don't show error when an image is not found and display a warning and a checkerboard with the image name when not found #32
    • Images: allow to set picture transparency #86
    • Images: don't try to load undefined graphics in database #139
    • Music: allow to load music files with incorrect extension, enables module support for games with mods from disharmony patch #74
    • Music: fade in support (except on Windows due to a platform bug) #62
    • Sound: Increase channel limit from 8 to 32 to prevent "no free channels available" warnings. #247
    • Font: full Cyrillic and Latin Extended A to cover all Central and Eastern European languages #245
    • Internationalization: Add automatic encoding detection, encoding setting in RPG_RT.ini is not required anymore #258
    • Messages: fix text background "gradient" colors misalignment and for wide chars and and symbols. #145
    • Messages: support yen and won as command triggers for Japanese and Korean encodings. #259
    • Messages: show faces on the right side and display input choices correctly #246
    • Messages: allow fast-forwarding of message boxes in test play mode using the Shift key #196
    • Skills: Implement skills which change switches and fix null skills #274
    • Battles: allow creating of monsters without graphics #125
    • Menus: fix save/load menu cursor positions #265
    • Menus: handle correctly null items #254
    • Transitions: implement map transitions to show proper teleport transition set #141
    • Transitions: adjust default transitions speed #49
    • Screen: tone fixes #265
    • Scenes: fix title scene window position, opening window animation speed, transition speeds, and hide title support with right window position and behavior #49
    • Filesystem: Add subfolders support with yen and won as folder separators for Japanese and Korean encodings. #259
    • RTP support: warn when RTP has not been found. #247
    • RTP support: translation table fixes and improvements, nows supports more 2003 RTP translations. #244 #283 #291
    • RTP support: fix WINE registry UTF-16 parsing #238 and add fallback support #250
    • Messages output: handle linebreaks in on-screen console #256
    • Messages output: support message output without window and for tests #237
    • Command line interface: Add --start-party option to overwrite starting party members #259
    • Command line inteface: Fix crashes when passing arguments without values #259
    • Developers: allow to double interpreter resolution #249
    • Android: support Xperia Play buttons #232
    • Android: add more encoding languages and a default autodetect option #291
    • Android: ini writer failed when [EasyRPG] was the last line #291
    • Android: fix layout issues in encoding selection dialog #291
    • Android: fix MIDI tempo (SDL2_mixer backported patch) #291
    • Android: make OSD buttons less transparent #291
    • Android: add standalone mode to package independent games in .apk and run them automatically #291
    • Wii: updated all libraries and fixes for newlib



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  • 2013-03-20T07:06:37+00:00 To: Public

    New project information website, https://easy-rpg.org/ if you already bookmarked the blog URL, please update!
  • 2013-01-20T21:46:28+00:00 To: Public

    Happy new year 2013 report, new video, major stability and emulation bug fixes: https://easy-rpg.org/blog/2013/01/happy-new-year-2013-report
  • 2012-07-10T00:51:37+00:00 To: Public

    A call to discover how RPG Maker 2000/2003 savegames work: https://easy-rpg.org/blog/2012/07/crowdsourcing-unknown-savegame-data/ Help us!
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    EasyRPG Player nightly builds for PSP. Changes: http://ur1.ca/8ysbl EBOOT.PBP download: http://ur1.ca/8ysbx
  • 2012-04-01T19:09:40+00:00 To: Public

    A lot of work has been made since the last blog post. A new end user web site is on the way. #