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The dilemmas Independents face when dealing with emerging information monopolies:

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Wow. That is shit. Time to shift to self-hosted versions. And get the public to understand and seek them out... That's the hard part...

Olivier Mehani at 2015-02-19T12:59:31Z

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wordpress has new media support now since wp 4.0, audio and video are no longer hidden behind a flash wrapper, these are presented via html5 audio video elements with flash fallback.
I haven't read new policies but monetization is optional, and one can release music whenever they wish, with contentID I believe an artist gets to exert control over his music youtube-wide, auto-identification of music, the one with links to itunes content that youtube lists.

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It happened this morning. Jeff Rusch, beloved husband, father & friend, left this world. Thanks for sharing the last 17 years with me. - Zoe Keating (@zoecello)

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Zoe's husband Jeff died of cancer today!

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