at 2009-04-21T21:43:49+00:00

Picked up @amitajune at school. Now I've got various bits of work to do, then dinner, then books for her, then bed.
totally daunted by the phone @evan gave me... I am not a gadget person but the little keyboard is oh-so-cute!

Michele Ann Jenkins at 2009-04-21T22:39:39+00:00

Evan Prodromou likes this.

@evan have tou seen @g0 cool real time identica feed? - cool to splice this in somehow? :)

telemekus at 2009-04-22T09:48:50+00:00

@evan my updates does not seem to be sent to Twitter. I think all settings are good. Should I be worried?

Morten Josefsen at 2009-04-22T12:29:38+00:00