at 2012-04-18T18:22:24+00:00

In defence of NonCommercial clauses - I disagree with the overall thrust, but interesting points worth noting #
not persuasive here. NC causes me daily grief even though I do not use it unless forced to do so.

drew Roberts at 2012-04-18T18:50:51+00:00

@glynmoody Interesting complaint nº 1: "(CC-BY-NC) creates incompatible works that cannot be mixed (with free cultural works)"

Carlos Solís at 2012-04-19T16:24:47+00:00

@glynmoody Complaint nº2: "It is unfair for you to profit from your work (I find it fair), and not allow others to do the same" (...cont.)

Carlos Solís at 2012-04-19T16:25:32+00:00