Software libero, Debian e scacchi: cosa c'è di meglio? Ah si, la birra... ;-)

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    The Debian installer team have released RC3 for jessie, with no errata! #releasingjessie
  • Time to plan

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    Time to plan my one-day-only motorbike trip.

    I will go for sure to visit Agrimusco (the so-called "sicilian Stonehenge") and - of course - Montalbano Elicona (2015 "Best italian borough" award winner).

    After that - on the road - I will decide to go to visit Maniace Castel or not (a plus of 50km+50km).

    It's about 180km road trip.

    I will think about it... and keep thinking about all the stuff I will need (gps, camera, etc.)

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    >> pmate:

    “sicilian Stonehenge”


    Dana at 2015-04-19T16:39:26Z

    >> Dana:

    “>> pmate:
    “sicilian Stonehenge”


    Yes, it seems a lovely place ( )

    I've never been before but I am really fascinated

    pmate at 2015-04-19T16:47:41Z

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    Ghiacciolo alla menta time!

  • is dead, long live [readonly]

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    "repositories will remain available at the same location. Cloning and fetching will continue to work as well. Projects you may depend on will stay around even if it isn’t moved to GitLab."

    The archiveteam rules!

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    but Gitlab can't be trusted.

    Hubert Figuière at 2015-04-16T12:38:41Z

  • 2015-04-15T17:35:34Z via AndStatus To: Public Oops, avevo completamente dimenticato: com'è andato il trasloco?
    AHAH! Grazie del pensiero. E' andato bene ma una faticaccia...
    Ora ci godiamo l'appartamento senza mobili, escludendo la cucina e il letto! Sto digitando da un tavolino da salotto e mi sento una certa gobba, chissà perché? :) Taaanto da fare comprare sistemare blablabla... :)
    Tra un mesetto tutto dovrebbe essere più o meno pronto, che la suocera viene a trovarci.
    A proposito, se capiti da queste parti (Monaco), fammi un fischio!
    Buona ser... mmm... notte! :)

    netgeek at 2015-04-15T20:55:45Z

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    While listening to #markknopfler's last cd "Tracker", I think to what an old wise man once said: "It's more hearwarming to spy someone else's life in a song than in #facebook!". Really a great great great album! #goodmusic
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    4 ore e 1/2 per andare da Catania a Palermo (200 km) dopo il dissesto dell'autostrada. #cheschifo #wtf
    Beh, pero', stando alla foto, l'hai fatto con un'"auto" veramente ecologica. :)
    Scherzo! Seriamente: che palle!

    netgeek at 2015-04-14T19:58:10Z

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    "After five years of waiting, Italy's unique Apple museum opens its doors" (ZDNet) Aehm... wait wait... sure that is a thing to be proud of?
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    Time to take a break
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    Oh gosh, 7.5gb of logs caused by 2 bad MySQL queries... #postit -> tell that "brilliant" webdev to have some holidays more often!
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    By the way... kids are sleeping.. all seems quite now... back to work. Wow!!
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    #gps stuff on #mtk devices is really a mess
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    What else was missing to make this #wtfday unforgettable? Cooking forma my kids, after having been with them to the piano lesson, of course... and the day hasn't finished yet! ;)
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    Sarà anche vero ma... quando finirà questa giornata "eterna"?
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    Can someone, please, suggest smart netadmins that if no expected fax arrives at all, MAYBE, #hylafax server is offline or powered off (let's say)... by UFO invasors?
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    Tip of the day: if you buy a chinese IP camera from a chinese web store and, after having configured all that sweet parameters, you initialize it... and you realize that all that beautiful web interface has been gone forever... DON'T even ask me to hack it! Thank you and... #wtfday
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    Ok, here is a new hashtag for days like this: #wtfday! You can use it if you wtfucked at least 3 times in a couple of hours!
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    Those guys from Norton are brilliant: #sep admin password forgotten? SMTP service not properly configured? You have to contact THEM! Wait, wait... them??? Yes: they removed reset password bat file in sep 12! #wtf sysadmin that messed all this up (and called me...) and #wtf them! Yeah, #wtf day!
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    Monday morning again... #wtf

    It's good, it means the universe hasn't imploded or anything =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-04-13T12:16:34Z