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I have just tagged v0.4 of DBot, named 'Jimbletron.' It's been six months and more than 800 commits since the last release.

The major change in this release is a complete rewrite of all data storage to support the data-agnostic storage library 'databank' (so you can use redis, mongo, whatever).

Apart from that, there are a countless number of new features including:

* Full asychronosity, meaning gigantic speed and efficiency increases
* Alias support for command access
* Additional quote commands + extra data stored
* External REST API
* Youtube module
* Spotify module
* Soundcloud module
* Identica module
* Github module
* Project status page (
* Reddit module
* Word definitions module
* UDP module
* Module for users to report channel members to staff
* Regex module
* Logging module
* Support for nickserv authentication
* "Flashy" module (
* DNS module
* imgur module (with the highly successful ~ri command)
* Network-wide kick/ban management with timers with automatic reason/banner storage
* Warnings module with web interface
* Staff notify module which records notifications and has web interface for history
* Improved config management

This along with countless other features, enhancements and improvements to how things work on the front and back-end. I've already started work on 0.5, which will bring features such as web login, and finally get started on realising the concept of an IRC-backed social network.

Thanks to all the contributors to the project through 0.4-dev!

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I had no idea you were using databank! That's so cool!

Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-26T12:18:06Z

@reality: How do I use DBot with Jabber?

Funatiker at 2013-07-26T15:57:19Z

@evan It was a pleasure to work with once I got used to it. It has a nicer interface that the alternatives I investigated. :)

reality at 2013-07-26T16:16:22Z

@funatiker You can't at the moment, though it'd be pretty easy to add such support - just create an XMPP library with the same interface as jsbot.

reality at 2013-07-26T16:17:08Z

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