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For the last few months my only computer has been an 11 inch Thinkpad x121e running Arch. It's been surprisingly smooth, I missed the screen space at first but it's something you get used to.

Thinking of buying some more RAM for it, however, upgrading from 4GB to 8GB - seems to be about the only limitation at the moment, when Chromium has a tantrum and decides to nick a couple GB of RAM and sit in the corner screaming and crying.

I switched to Firefox to solve that problem.

Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-08-02T15:09:29Z

The tides change, that issue is why have refused to use firefox for years...

Patrick Haverkamp at 2013-08-02T15:16:03Z

My Thinkpad x61s with 2GB runs just fine :-) Probably because I don't use Flash :-)

sazius old account at 2013-08-02T15:43:53Z

James Robertson likes this.

Yeah, I should have said that's why I switched back to Firefox.

Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-08-02T19:55:52Z