Aaqil Mahmood aaqil@identi.ca

Faisalabad, Pakistan


  • Muhammad Saad muhammadsaad@identi.ca

    Dera Ismāīl Khān, Pakistan

    Physics student and FOSS enthusiast.

  • Hasham Malik hasham2@identi.ca

    Geek, amateur guitarist, nature lover, occasional blogger, social media fan and full time ruby on rails web developer

  • Carol Chen cybette@identi.ca

    Tampere, Finland

    Community Development Manager at Red Hat, F/OSS lover, gadget geek, world traveler, pianist, TASO.fi timpanist, Devaamo cofounder, previously: Jolla, Nokia, Taiwan, Singapore, Texas.

  • Ed Fonseca edythemighty@identi.ca

  • Annette Strauch nettys@identi.ca

    Expert in the study of European cultures (M.A. Volkskunde & Anglistik), languages, modern life and IT + everything to do with web 2.0.

  • Roger Pixley skreech2@identi.ca

    Person seeking answers then trying to find new questions