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Huzzah! on my telephone!

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Should I add the nerd info? Android 4.0.4. Impeller 0.5.2.

Greg Grossmeier at 2013-07-21T01:02:19Z

My nerd info is: android 4.something, and Impeller version whatever was on the app store when I posted that... yeah, I'll go down to city hall and give back my nerd license... It was having trouble logging in with, and then stopped having trouble, which I think had more to do with than impeller.

Aeva Ntsc at 2013-07-22T19:47:55Z

@Greg: Crashes when? On startup? I've got one crash report at startup but I'm not sure how its' coming about. That said I can try some things to work around it. If you could click the "Send report" button when it crashes it would be a massive help.

Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-23T18:51:54Z

@Greg: Try 0.5.4 or later (either direct download or from Play when it shows up there later tonight)

Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-23T20:23:36Z