Heinz Rainer aheneghana@identi.ca

Youhamba, Central African Republic

30 years Africa, Asia; from jungles, rain forests to Tibetan mountain ranges;


  • Mykl.biz myklbiz@identi.ca

    writing and sharing tiny tech tips your momma could understand.

  • John Eckman jeckman@identi.ca

  • Alex Falkenberg alexfalkenberg@identi.ca

  • Edd Dumbill edd@identi.ca

    Fresno Crossing, United States

    I write words, code & make conferences. Strata & OSCON chair at O'Reilly, analyst for O'Reilly Radar. Open source, standards & data.

  • Ian Forrester cubicgarden@identi.ca

    Lamlash, United Kingdom

    Senior producer at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and a serial Manchester social geek event organiser

  • Mykl i am mykliam@identi.ca

    go lucky

  • Amy Phetamine amyphetamine@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    sometimes further out of context here, than elsewhere.

  • Dave Bonta morningporch@identi.ca

    Plummer's Hollow, Pennsylvania

    The view from my front porch first thing in the morning. davebonta.com.

  • Thomas Gideon cmdln@identi.ca

    Washington, DC

    A peculiar character. https://peculiarcharacter.com and https://thecommandline.net

  • George Ellenburg gellenburg@identi.ca

    Marietta, United States

    I'm a geek who lives in NW Atlanta and works downtown. I'm into Macs, technology, and my dogs. I treasure privacy and liberty.

  • micah craig micahcraig@identi.ca

    Brooklyn, United States


  • Christophe Ducamp xtof@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    3 children. Web enthusiast. Focused on free culture, indieweb and personal data.

  • the JoshMeister thejoshmeister@identi.ca

    Alta Loma, California, United States

    Apple, tech, & computer security geek. Infosec writer. Podcast Producer for MacTech Magazine (macte.ch/itunes). Latter-day Saint. thejoshmeister.com

  • Jon Phillips rejon@identi.ca

    Global Village, India


  • Russell Holliman treocast@identi.ca