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Moved in with my fianceƩ the past weekend, and we've been busy cleaning up, buying and assembling furniture and setting everything up. Yesterday, we got to the stage where I could set up my gadgets. It was AWESOME!

We have a beautiful 40" LED TV, with a Raspberry Pi hooked up to it, and some cheap-ish 2.1 sound system (no place to put 5.1 in this small place), but damn, this setup is astonishing! I love the little RPi. Immediately played a few notes with Sonic Pi 2, and we watched a movie too. The movie was interesting... the external hard drive is attached to my laptop, which is sitting in the opposite corner of the room, and connects to the LAN with WIFI. From this, the RPi has the movie volume mounted with SSHFS, and we used omxplayer to play the movie. Not a single hitch.

All we need now, is a remote control solution. I'll do that with my phone. So exciting!

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