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  • 2013-01-14T00:29:40+00:00 To: Public

    Nektar have announced Panorama integration with Steinberg's acclaimed DAW Cubase. Panorama is designed with DAW navigat
  • 2013-01-14T00:14:30+00:00 To: Public

    With over 364 million views as of December 2012, Belgian - Australian multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter
  • 2013-01-14T00:00:13+00:00 To: Public

    Alan Parsons has announced two new Master Class Training Sessions to be held at top studios in Las Vegas (Studio At The
  • 2013-01-13T23:27:27+00:00 To: Public

    Big Fish Audio has announced the immediate availability of Plush 2, the next episode of the one of the best selling R&B
  • 2013-01-10T01:28:32+00:00 To: Public

    IXY is the new release from RØDE, a great recording microphone for iPhone® or iPad®. With up to 24-bit/96k* recordi
  • 2013-01-10T01:28:10+00:00 To: Public

    Designed to combat the most common pitfalls of recording, Nessie automatically adapts to whatever you’re recording, a
  • 2013-01-08T00:52:44+00:00 To: Public

    Celemony shows how easy it is with Melodyne to control the volume of singing on a note-by-note basis, thereby sparing y
  • 2013-01-08T00:28:05+00:00 To: Public

    It all began in early 1980's when two electronic musical instruments pioneers, Dave Smith and Ikutaro Kakehashi shared
  • 2013-01-08T11:12:34+00:00 To: Public

    IOSONO and Deutsche Telekom AG, Europe’s largest telecommunication company, have signed a patent license agreement fo
  • 2013-01-05T00:03:49+00:00 To: Public

    This is the much anticipated continuation of Toontrack's New York Studios Legacy series, focusing on capturing the best
  • 2013-01-05T21:44:34+00:00 To: Public

    ESI has announced the immediate availability of Maya44 USB+, a powerful, yet affordable, USB audio interface, a very go
  • 2013-01-05T20:57:48+00:00 To: Public

    Master Audio has upgraded the point source cabinets in its flagship Xcellence range with new high-end amplifier and DSP
  • 2013-01-05T19:47:14+00:00 To: Public

    The Unit Audio mixers add back some the sparkle and punch of analog recording that is so often missing in a purely “i
  • 2013-01-05T13:34:23+00:00 To: Public

    Ueberschall presents Prog Rock, the latest release from our Vodovoz series. This cutting edge construction kit library
  • 2013-01-04T23:39:07+00:00 To: Public

    Waves Audio introduces Element, its first-ever synthesizer. Powered by Virtual Voltage™ technology, Waves Audio Eleme
  • 2012-11-11T18:09:24+00:00 To: Public

    Genelec has announced the latest news regarding its highly successful TEC Award-nominated SpeakerAngle app. First, in r
  • 2012-11-04T19:29:03+00:00 To: Public

    Voted Pro Sound Network Best in Show at AES 2012, the Moog Analog Delay is the first delay designed exclusively for the
  • 2012-11-04T14:26:37+00:00 To: Public

    Soundtrack Loops has released a new set of royalty free loops for producing IDM and Drum'n'Bass. DnB Dark Speed by Soun
  • 2012-09-25T10:40:25+00:00 To: Public

    Guitar Center Ocala’s grand opening introduces customers to a vast selection of products and a dedicated staff with u
  • 2012-09-25T09:57:23+00:00 To: Public

    Steinberg has announced the availability of an exclusive Nuendo Crossgrade for Nuendo Live Users which are entitled to