Sherry Chandler

I love goldenrod, black-eyed susan, and the old worn-down mountains of the east.

  • 2013-07-10T13:52:38+00:00 in Georgetown, Kentucky, United States via web To: Public

    An 8-legged fellow strolling across the bathroom floor suddenly began to climb the air. He was tiny but even the minute can't defy gravity.

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    Mourning doves call from the fence row, semis roar on the by-pass, the fan hums by the chair, the paper rustles when I turn a page.

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    Cotton ball clouds scattered across a blue field, a hardwood canopy in shades of green, a desultory chattering of birds, summer begins.

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    Light from the setting sun glistens on rain-wet leaves. I reach for a jacket. Four days till the calendar calls it summer..
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    The wren doesn't care if I whittle my life away with twittering, only that I turn a blind eye to her nest in a dented tea tin in the shop
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    We have not solved our enigma by evolving , escaped our grass roots. We cannot get above our raisings.
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    I've spewed my keyboard sticky eating oranges at my desk; Isqueezed for juice, grated for zest. This one crackles, fills my mouth with juice
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    As sure as rain makes mud, children will splash in puddles, seduced by the splat and the suck of the muck, heedless of their Sunday shoes.
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    I remember Uncle's beehives, white boxes placed here & there, alien as Stevens' jar, on farmland I was free to roam, always gently buzzing
    Hmmmm - I was not always gently buzzing. I think I need to rethink sentence structure.

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    The W. kids, who lived in my uncle's tenant house, walked the lane. They'd run ahead, throw rocks at the bee tree. I was not afraid of bees.
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    Sometimes there were other children but mostly I walked the lane alone from bus to house, ears alert for the monster sneaking up behind me.
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    I remember the gravel lane, the first long sloping hill and where it leveled out, a hollow tree in the fence row buzzing with honeybees.
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    I remember the gravel lane from school bus to our house sloped down toward the creek; a narrow lane closely lined with trees.
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    I remember walking the half mile of gravel road from the school bus stop, the buck bushes that grew on the bank beside Papaw's barn.
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    I remember wading the ankle-deep branch, rocks would tip under my feet and crawdaddies would backpedal, leaving a murky trail of silt.
  • 2013-04-12T17:04:48+00:00 in Lakeview Acres, United States via web To: Public

    I remember the branch, how the rocks clanked when uncle drove the wagon across the ford in droughty August, how the mud cracked and curled.
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    I remember Buck Elk Creek, called the branch. I waded its summer-stagnant water, left a trail of silt. I'd not have mixed bourbon with it.
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    The resident raccoon licks at the ice in a water bowl,the forsythia is a stand of gray sticks, winter will not give way to spring.
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    A cold gray April 1, daffodils thrust up spears but show no bloom. In an ash by the road, a buzzard perches, watching.
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    Black coffee in a white porcelain cup, red coils of the space heater reflected in the white, outside late March snow.