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Humourous bug comments

  • 2014-05-21T19:35:43Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    "up-dater of programs bad" - your grammar is worse
  • 2013-06-20T21:46:20+00:00 via web To: Public

    "all users should be able to listen to music for an afternoon without running out of memory" - that's crazy talk yo!
  • 2013-05-28T15:08:52+00:00 To: Public

    "Symantec package manager says that libapache2-mod-php5 IS installed." - Symantec really?
  • 2012-09-28T15:39:14+00:00 To: Public

    'This keeps happening.... just like Groundhog Day...' - Oh, I should watch that again thanks bug commenter!
  • 2012-09-21T15:53:42+00:00 To: Public

    'if I cannot install Ubuntu, windows is not an option.. I bettter die.' - I like Ubuntu too but really?
  • 2012-07-18T18:04:51+00:00 To: Public

    'The duck is still alive! It is also T-Rex!' - I'd heard birds were evolved from dinosaurs!
  • 2012-07-11T22:11:22+00:00 To: Public

    'Ultimate Linux 3.4 crashed on installation' - not so Ulitmate now eh?
  • 2012-06-08T23:32:29+00:00 To: Public

    'I'm afraid people will just have to learn that 'halt' doesn't mean what you were led to believe it means.' - stop it!
  • 2012-04-12T23:47:03+00:00 To: Public

    'i dont want it running 27/7 because of the power bills.' - I think your power company is robbing you
  • 2012-04-11T16:35:44+00:00 To: Public

    'Is there a way to reliably get an update to this issue? Seriously, I knew girls in school that didn't tease as much'- that right hot stuff?
  • 2012-03-21T21:31:04+00:00 To: Public

    'In order to test this hypothesis I'd like to go back in time' - +1
  • 2012-03-14T23:36:19+00:00 To: Public

    "BTW, to the 24 people that said this bug was also affecting them, it helps to change the status from New to Confirmed."
  • 2012-03-14T21:25:45+00:00 To: Public

    'Happy Birthday Bug! Gee, has it been two years already? It feels like just yesterday I was wondering why...' - LOL
  • 2012-03-08T16:29:18+00:00 To: Public

    "So if polling is the best you can do, please don't do anything at all." - I think you meant trolling
  • 2012-03-07T20:33:19+00:00 To: Public

    'To leave out http://ur1.ca/8ka24 from the installer slideshow is like peanut butter without jam, salt without pepper!' - I use salt alone!
  • 2012-03-02T19:20:35+00:00 To: Public

    '# FIXME: this needs to go - elmo says the keyserver will not handle the load' - is that the phrase of the day elmo?
  • 2012-03-01T19:20:10+00:00 To: Public

    "If i want phone-home-stuff, i can watch ET or use M$ W!nd*ws."
  • 2012-02-29T18:46:39+00:00 To: Public

    'my goal is not to troubleshoot baboontu either'
  • 2012-02-16T14:03:08+00:00 To: Public

    "Liferea tortures me with hamburger images in home directory" - the horror, the horror!
  • 2012-02-14T17:58:55+00:00 To: Public

    "can't test on a natty box, because I hate unity" - don't you mean won't?