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    Os anarquistas de mercado, em sua maioria, argumentam que os estados são monopólios territoriais coercitivamente
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    David D'Amato: If you weren’t already terrified by the power that the Obama White House has arrogated to itself
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    C4SS Media would like to present Darian Worden’s Gun Control: Who Gets Control?, read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford.
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    “Não mais podemos cegar-nos para o fato de que o poder econômico concentrado tornou-se tão inconsequente, imp
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    The following two comments were written by Charles Johnson in response to comments, concerns and misreadings regar
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    Kevin Carson: In every conceivable way -- agility, resilience, feedback/reaction loop -- the emerging networked su
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    Kevin Carson: The sooner we restore a society where work is something we do, and not something we're "given," a so
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    The following article is translated into Portuguese from the English original, written by Christiaan Elderhorst
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    Kevin Carson: Demasiados libertarios de la Derecha política y cultural se identifican instintivamente con emplead
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    From the Markets Not Capitalism audiobook read by C4SS fellow Stephanie Murphy.
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    Kevin Carson: The vast majority of accumulated capital today is the result, not of the capitalist's past labor and
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    David D'Amato: War is thus inseparable in practice from what we have come to identify as “terrorism,” both des
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    Knapp on the Center's media presence over the last three weeks.
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    Sebastian A.B.: Voters place their hope in God-Kings called Presidents, expecting sociopaths to lift them out of s
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    As of January 26, based on the Librarian of Congress’ authority to “interpret” the Digital Millennium Copyri
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    Kevin Carson: In every case, it is the state which intervenes on the side of capitalists, landlords and employers,
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    Hablar de una crítica libertaria decimonónica del fascismo puede parecer anacrónico, ya que el fascismo es gene
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    Dawie Coetzee: The way to create scarcity is to withhold output, but, in many cases, the creation of scarcity depe
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    O Centro por uma Sociedade sem Estado (C4SS) é instituição anarquista de pesquisa interdisciplinar e centro de
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    C4SS Media would like to present Voltairine de Cleyre’s Our Present Attitude, read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford.