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I just won a tablet of my choice, and picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It uses Exynos, which has good upstream support. It will be nice to try to bring Debian to it.

I am the owner of a Samsung Chromebook, which also uses Exynos, though an older one. It runs Debian with a non-upstream kernel I built from source. I tried bringing upstream to it, but never got to the same level of hardware support, so I still use the older kernel as the primary boot option.

Realizing I need to start working harder on this problem, I decided I needed to backup my files from there, and start working on a USB partition arrangement for booting Debian Installer. Then, I found out that my last upgrade of systemd broke the system boot, it refuses to start anything else because it can't mount some special filesystems du jour that my old kernel don't support. I doubt my build of a newer kernel will work either.

Now I will need to waste some time for some special recovery mode that I will need to come up with in order to start real work. It's also a nice chance to try and see if systemd upstream would accept patches to be more friendly with older kernels.