Claudia Cruz

Setul, Guatemala

Deep inside, I'm a geek born two or three generations ahead of my time. I love trying new software and gadgets.


  • Pepe Barrascout Ortiz


    Diseñador Gráfico

  • cataspanglish


  • Leo Arias

    Costa Rica

    "Do not be hasty, that is my motto."

  • Sourcefabric

    Prague, Czechia

    Adam, Communications Manager at Sourcefabric, makers of Airtime, Newscoop, Superdesk and Booktype: open source software for media.

  • ducuchu

    Setul, Guatemala

    Poema biográfico: Como árboles, Mario Benedetti

  • Jorge Dardón

    desayuno,almuerzo,ceno FOSS

  • Michael Cervieri

    New York, United States

    Digital Astronaut. Creator of the Future Journalism Project. Co-Founder, ScribeLabs.