Chuck Baggett

interested in virtual words, social networks, online collaboration, science fiction.


  • Jordan Randall Smith

    Baltimore, United States

    Conductor, Percussionist, Composer Artistic Director, Dallas Festival of Modern Music Cover Conductor, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

  • jan

  • Dan

    Software developer, interested in video games and juggling.


    Gitorious provides open source infrastructure for hosting open source projects that use Git.

  • Aeva Ntsc

    Chicago, United States

  • mcnalu

  • Gwen Bell

    Brooklyn We Go Hard, New York

    I love micro upating the world and have missed it. So happy to see it distributed and federated!!

  • ciarang

    Pateley Bridge

    Aging software developer, enterprisey by day, FOSSy by night (including Also a human being.

  • stimoceiver

    a life lived over the edge; poised on the tripartite brink between genius, madness, and utter annihilation; and enjoying the view as my words reverberate along the precipice


  • sthibault




    #linux #opensource #beer #chiro #clueless

  • Ben Werdmuller

    Berkeley, CA

  • Sean Tilley

    Peoria, IL

    Open Source Director for the Diaspora project.

  • Johannes Ernst


  • thelovebug (io)

    Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, UK

    Social networker, occasional microblogger, even rarer blogger. Podcaster, musician, Crunchbang and Android user and advocate. Devoted husband and father of two girls and one boy.

  • tekk

  • johndrinkwater

    Not the poet, he’s dead. A Web and I.T. Jack

  • foobarjk