Nguyễn Hà Dương

Bạch Mã, Vietnam

I'm a FOSS activist, Gentooist, Lisper, Emacser, and linguistics lover.

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    foxymary: Mozillians: A lil inspo to keep doing what you're doing #leaveyourlegacy
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    playingwithsid: Great Beercamp Hanoi, Thanks @webtomme @drupalchimp @tatuan @travlbum @SergeStinckwich @cmpitg @philip_
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    planet_lisp: Paul Khuong: 0x7FDE623822FC16E6 : a magic constant for double float reciprocal
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    cmpitg: "Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?"--For Visual Studio folks, from a great M$ insider:
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    ThePSF: PyCon 2011: Deploying web applications to the cloud (2of2)
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    quicklisp: If your SBCL is older than 1.0.44, DON'T update your client. New one uses sb-ext:delete-directory, which is
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    planet_lisp: Paul Khuong: Introducing Pipes, a lightweight stream fusion EDSL
  • 2011-12-02T08:43:18+00:00 via feed To: Public

    tatuan: Fedora 16 Release Party Hanoi