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I feel that traditional desktop (and maybe mobile) web UIs no longer interest me. At the end of the day, they are all "scroll-based" interactions.

Nowadays, I feel that I'm procrastinating as I scroll and pass through what all the groups or people say. This is not because what they say doesn't interest me, but perhaps my attention span and the availability of the amount of information just doesn't go well together.

While I may be interested in loads of broadcasting units (of all sorts), only a fraction of what they say interests me at a particular time.

We need a hardcore customized information system. Subscribing to all my friends, colleagues, organizations, or even a particular set of categories just doesn't cut it.

For example, I would like to know about x, when I'm feeling y, given that it is magically inline with my profile p.

Therefore, I think that new UX designs should be created around that. If it requires a different way of interacting with the information (e.g., something other than scrolling, or clicking around a bunch of times), that's probably a good sign towards how we should consume information.

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I took time-out from Twitter partly because of the volume of mediocre content I was consuming. Recently I discovered the Discover feature which filters tweets based on I believe fuzzy logic popularity in my social circle., It works well, and offers an insight to how bots could help reduce the daily drudgery of things we read online.

James Robertson at 2013-09-08T12:25:16Z