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@sazius I think you're right, but the n900 had more traditional-free-software-community behind it than any Android release I've ever seen has.

I resisted Android for some time, then decided to embrace the community editions, and they're all struggling. I'm not convinced we're seeing the free future we want trying to play catch-up here.

(In the meanwhile I'm still grateful for everyone (f-droid, replicant) trying hard to make a community version of things happen!) This one is my try in participating in this discussion, thanks to you. I forgot to mention that you might rather wish GuixSD ran on your phones. :-)

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo at 2016-01-10T16:20:21Z

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@Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo That was an extremely thoughtful post, thank you!

About GuixSD on phones, maybe less crazy than one might think. It might even serve as a nice way to build applications for other OS'es; one of the Nix developers has done this for reproducible builds for Android and for OSX.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-01-10T18:36:51Z