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ZeMarmot crowdfunding campaign

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Someone's crowdfunding a 2d animated free culture film about a cute Marmot? Made entirely with free software? Yeah, I'll support that!

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That looks awesome. I'll have to give more than I can afford for the link to (for the music) alone.

Am I forgetting something obvious or by 2nd are you referring to one of the characters in Big Buck Bunny?

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-05-03T16:23:08Z


I assume he meant 2-D, as in two dimensional, not that it was the second film about a marmot.

saul goode at 2015-05-03T18:28:24Z

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Ah. I misread 2d as 2nd. :) Still, I'll take both. I really hope this succeeds!

Mike Linksvayer at 2015-05-03T18:55:41Z