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Writing a paper titled "ActivityPub: from decentralized to distributed social networks" for the Rebooting Web of Trust summit.

If you wanted to look at how AP could be used for E2E, how to remove SSL and DNS centralization from the system, etc you might like this paper.

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It would be cool to see you there, but there's only three tickets left and they ain't cheap!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-08-25T19:03:53Z

Hooooo boy no kidding they aren't cheap. Have fun then 😂

AJ Jordan at 2017-08-25T23:53:05Z

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Jeez Louise.

Will there be a video archive of this thing?

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-08-26T01:44:37Z

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No idea! It's my first time going... though sadly I don't see videos for past events. I'm not sure if most of it is talks or kind of huddling / brainstorming sessions? Maybe both?

At least the papers are published I guess?

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-08-26T04:43:34Z