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ACLU: "Hey we just got the most amount of money at once ever what do we spend it on??"

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A friend convinced me that I'm probably overreacting on the YC ACLU WTF bit. I do trust the ACLU to be responsible, we'll see what happens.

I do think it was weird signaling though.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-31T18:10:03Z ❌ likes this.

You're not alone. My first reaction was definitely a Spock-like, skeptical eyebrow.

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Time to disrupt the non-profit civil liberties action memespace through enhanced metadata-driven serendipities in the cloud! ❌ at 2017-02-01T01:59:47Z

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I have to replace my irony-meter again.

Hubert Figuière at 2017-02-01T03:49:55Z