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Strongly considering that maybe MediaGoblin should drop sqlite support and move to Postgres. Migrations are just too painful, and there are some nice features we could take advantage of if we moved to a postgres-only setup.

It's more the pain than the lure of features though. I wouldn't even be considering it if migrations weren't such a huuuuge nightmare.

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My concern would be how much of an obstacle Postgresql presents to deployment, as it entails creation of a new 'postgres' user, starting of a daemon process, creation of a 'mediagoblin' postgresql user, and creation of a database.

saul goode at 2014-06-11T02:03:30Z

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Well, Aeva recently was telling me of a day recently where she was fighting with South + Sqlite and the South devs were like "Known bug, use a real database." So, edge cases also apply there. sqlite migrations are known to be fragile.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-06-11T03:21:41Z

Yeah, you subclass Field and override db_type ;)

But can you do a join across tables using SQL where one of the parameters is the value of a specific key in a json field? Not a current Django feature... and I'm not sure how they'd do that with their current API.

Django's ORM is definitely easier, but the separation of concerns in SQLAlchemy is top notch.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-06-11T03:23:39Z

For those who are concerned about removing simplicity, PostgreSQL-based mediagoblin can become much easier if we move to using e.g. docker instead of having a single do-it-all box. I can imagine docker images tailored for running mediagoblin!

Stefano Costa at 2014-06-11T15:24:01Z