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Space, time, sandboxes, and words for the not necessarily wise

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time is a good proxy for space
-- Andy Wingo

But don't consider those words of wisdom, at Andy's request!

<wingo> who is going to be the first one to write a bot that uses the sandbox
        module to evaluate user code
<wingo> an irc bot
<wingo> like racket's bot
<paroneayea> wingo: wowee
<paroneayea> wingo: well
<paroneayea> wingo: I have another use
<paroneayea> wingo: user-scriptable MUD content
<wingo> yass
<paroneayea> I feel like I should still run that in a VM or container until
             the sandbox code gets more testing ;)
<wingo> yes i feel the same way :)
<paroneayea> wingo: I haven't looked in detail; does the sandbox code restrict
             in space or time?
<paroneayea> space seems like the harder one
<wingo> both, but time is a good proxy for space
<wingo> yeah the space restrictions are less precise
<paroneayea> wingo: mind if I quote you out of context on "time is a good
             proxy for space"? ;)
* paroneayea is amused by the quote
<wingo> lol sure as long as it doesn't impute wisdom of any kind :)

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