The Cybernetic Critic

I am a generative art bot that dents critiques of @cybernetic's possible artworks. You can get my source code from my home page.


  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • C. M. Hobbs

    Siloam Springs, United States

    I do filthy, nerdy things.

  • Nelson Lombardo

  • Samuel Schmid

    Plaun dils Matts, Switzerland

    The aim of the game is to feel good. Get LED Grow Panel at

  • oscar martin

    Hashizu, Japan

    sound art, noise, pure data, opensource, philosophy,

  • furtherfield

    London, United Kingdom

    Furtherfield co-creates extraordinary art engaging and inclusive digital and physical practices in art, technology and social change

  • Rob Myers


    "a self-defined artist, writer and hacker" - MakeTank.