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Is anybody here using RetroShare?

I tried it back in the day, but couldn't get people to use it so it ended there. Now I can't even install it because of file conflict. It was/is something I would like to be able to use. Maybe some day.

Jari Winberg at 2014-02-12T20:21:46Z

I got once up to 15 people around me to use it, but most of them dropped it after a week or so. I'm currently looking for more people for my darknet, as I'm currently only with 1-2 peers :-P.

Cyber Killer at 2014-02-13T04:33:38Z

I'm on Retroshare again so let me know if you would like me to join your circle of friends.

Jari Winberg at 2014-02-13T17:40:00Z