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My comment on @jxself's comment went to https://identi.ca/dbs/comment/7vX6cduuSDKb4xbjLfUvNA but didn't show up here. (mumble mumble identi.ca web UI)

In any case, the quick response I received to my email, directly from Known's Ben Werdmüller, was reasonable:

This is something we think about a lot, and it's a common frustration. WordPress.com and SquareSpace also don't support TLS on custom domains.

You can always sign in with our secure page on withknown.com: https://withknown.com/signin/ 

However, we know that doesn't go far enough. We're actively exploring other routes, including similar approaches to services like CloudFlare. Providing service-level security for custom domains is, unfortunately, a harder problem than it should be, and a major stumbling block in the road to a fully-secure web.

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