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As I watch Fedora 20 struggle with the Intel graphics on this new Haswell-based laptop, I begin to think that there's more to Bradley Kuhn's strategy of sticking with old used laptops than just environmentalism and ethics. It's entirely pragmatic; most driver issues should be sorted out on older laptops, so you can focus on getting core work done instead of getting distracted by filing bug reports (or fixing driver issues, if you have the skills)!

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@Dan Scott, indeed, I have many reasons for doing that, and being sure that drivers are available is among my reasons.

Amusingly, I just got a "real upgrade" today: I had a 2GB RAM for a T61 sitting around unused, and so now I have 3GB RAM instead of 2. Mairix indexing doesn't cause my machine to thrash anymore. :)

(Side note on my side note: thrashing is in the tradition of Computer Science to use terms that sound really bad to refer to things that are somewhat bad. I'm thinking of things like abort, fail, crash, etc.)

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2013-12-07T17:28:51Z

Cought you! Bradley Kuhn officially endorses cowardly dodging free software duties like filing bugs. Shame on you! Shame. :D

mray INACTIVE at 2013-12-07T22:18:50Z