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My article Open source library system Evergreen rewards the community (not my choice of title FWIW) is now available at opensource.com.

In the article, I provide some examples of how software freedom enables us to tailor our offerings for our users, maximizes our investment in development, pool the library community's limited resources, and provide grounded education opportunities both for the computer science students at our university and for our community in general.

Also, see the bonus mention of the Software Freedom Conservancy as our trusted third party for holding community assets. I now realize I said "neutral third party" which of course @bkuhn will point out is not true, given the SFC's mission to promote software freedom; but I suspect that (important!) nuance would be lost on most readers.

Anyway, I'm happy to see this out in the world. As an aside, the editorial team at opensource.com was a breeze to work with: I continue to hold the copyright over my article, which is made available to opensource.com to publish under a CC-BY-SA licence.

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