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*sigh* It annoys me when LCA goes TO NZ. They really should call these excursions to not-Australia "LCNZ" instead...
Having said that flying to WA from QLD is the same cost as flying from QLD to NZ!
Unless I miraculously get money, a passport and time for the trip I'll have to wait another decade or so to meet you, Mr. Kuhn.
(Apart from being somewhat disengaged and disillusioned from the F/OSS community at the moment - If the rock climbing in NZ was a bit more attractive maybe I'd find a way to get there)
As a former LCA organiser I can assure you that if you require any assistance the LCA organisers and attendee communities will surprise you with their helpfulness. Apart from the inability to sleep you've no need to be scared!

Yes, I am only scared due to the inability to sleep on the flights. Nothing else about going to LCA scares me.

However, if the flight goes ok, I will try to add LCA to my "regular" conference group, so I can make one in Australia in the future. :)

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2014-10-29T16:07:05Z